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Education is the foundation of any nation that ensures smooth growth of its inhabitants. It is very pathetic that even after more than seven decades of independence, a significant part of the Indian civilization is fully unaware of the value of education. So, the primary focus of Star Asia always remained to help the people through offering them an affordable yet world-standard education. Though we have limited branches and seat capacity till now, we are consistently working on opening up newer institutions for spreading this mission to more and more needy students.


Real Estate

Among the three basic needs of any human being, a safe, peaceful and affordable home is the costliest. Today, when the population of India is about to touch 1.3 billion, the scarcity of land, and above all a safe and affordable home has become very crucial. Thus, Star Asia came into the market to help the people getting their 'home sweet home'. Though we are still new in the business and still miles have to go to compete with the other giant companies of the market, we already have completed a number of projects with glorious success in the most neglected parts of Bihar to uplift their standard of living..


Travel & Tourism

A short tour can absorb the fatigue and boredom of several weeks from a person's life and that is why we got into the business of travel and tourism to offer people a convenient and affordable means to complete entertainment. Our primary aim in this business is to help people reach their dream destination, enjoy to its fullest and return safely. We organize tour throughout the country at most affordable budget. Keeping the increasing demand in mind, we have plan to offer tour to some of the neighbor countries also in the near future.



In today's market scenario, where the price of animal protein like egg, milk, meat is increasing drastically, fish is playing vital role to fulfill the gap. Fish is not only very good source of high nutrition and easy to digest, but also it is very popular for its versatility in preparing delicious dishes. As we have good knowledge on fishery, we started the business of fishery to help people get high quality fresh fish at their hand at the most reasonable price. In the near future we have plan to start producing fish seeds to enhance production of superior quality fish.



Retail industry is its peak right now and several giant companies have jumped into the bandwagon to grab the cherry on the cake. Being a customer oriented business house, Star Asia has gained entry in this market also with huge success. Our main aim is to offer high quality consumer durables and goods to our customers at the most competitive price. Let it be footwear or healthcare and beauty products or jewelry and fashion items, Star Asia provides every product of reputed brands under the same roof.



India is well known for its hospitality throughout the world. It is our culture, tradition and moral ethics that has inherited the qualities and skills of hospitality in us. Star Asia simply utilizing this quality through expert professionals to earn money as well as to offer a better service to its clients. We have several hotels and restaurants across the country where we offer superior food and hospitality service to the visitors and tourists.


Water Treatment

Pure water is the primary necessity to a healthy life. But, drastic pollution has spread into the air, soil and water bodies. In such a situation, collecting natural yet pure water has become just next to impossible. In our water treatment plants we use latest equipments and stringent procedure to clean natural water to produce completely germ-free and pure drinking water. Being a customer oriented company, we sale the packaged water at highly reasonable price to help people keep themselves healthy and fit.


Driving Training

Today when the per-head income of every family has increased remarkably and vehicle loans have become easily available, every family is purchasing their personal vehicles. But, without proper driving training it can lead to unrecoverable loss of money and even can be life-threatening. We run driving training school where we train people driving for all kinds of personal cars, bikes as well as heavy vehicles through professional and experienced trainers.